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My life has been a whirlwind of adventure; from traveling on a motorbike across Asia for 2 years with my wife, to building and scaling multiple businesses with many failures along the way. The most important thing this amazing experience has taught me is the realization of who I am and that everything in life is sweeter with someone to share, which is why co-creation is at the heart of our company values.
About Joon K Lee

I am…

An ardent digital marketer, business visionary, founder, and CEO who is passionate about building brands from anywhere around the world.



I despise sugarcoating. Instead, I prefer communicating my unfiltered thoughts with transparency and confidence.



I am not afraid of failure and have a knack for trying new things. As long as I’m still growing, I’m winning!



I am unique and enjoy the spotlight. I aim to indulge in attention-worthy distinct activities!


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Awards and Accolades

Honorable and unforgettable acknowledgments of my ardent love for digital marketing.


Top Digital Marketing Agency in
Korea for 2021


Esteemed Member of Forbes Agency
Council Since 2022


Top Digital Agency Award
in Korea

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Build or Improve Your Brand from Anywhere in the World

Location is not a barrier when you have the right guidance and tools to support your digital marketing efforts in establishing a successful brand.

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