What are the Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers?

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a cloud-computing software accessed through third-party providers online. There are plenty of SaaS applications that can help you with a variety of online tasks, from project management to building a budget. This article contains a list of Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a cloud-computing software accessed through third-party providers online. There are plenty of SaaS applications that can help you with a variety of online tasks, from project management to building a budget.

What are the best SaaS tools for digital marketers, and how can they benefit your operations and campaigns? Every tool has unique features that might help your efforts in some way. In this article, I’ll look at the best SaaS tools to add to your strategy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

Almost every business will use Google Analytics one way or another. This free platform lets you track metrics on your website, allowing you to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns. It’s an excellent tool for gaining insights from your audience and analyzing the traffic visiting your site.


Salesforce Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

As the grand-daddy of SaaS tools for digital marketers, Salesforce is still as relevant today as it was decades ago.

Those companies utilizing sales teams can benefit from introducing Salesforce into their strategy and processes. This powerful SaaS has everything you need in a customer relationship management software solution (CRM).

Salesforce lets you track every step of the sale, from capturing the lead to closing. Create funnels and track your insights for sales opportunities, improving the efficiency of your reps. Engage with leads through the platform, and leave a paper trail to help you effortlessly manage your client accounts.

Collaborate with other team members and coordinate your sales strategy.
Salesforce also integrates well with other tools like Hubspot, allowing you to create a seamless connection between your sales and marketing teams.


Hootsuite Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

If you’re a digital marketer utilizing a social marketing strategy, then HootSuite offers you a useful SaaS for your content. The software integrates with all of your social accounts, allowing you to create content and schedule it for release at peak traffic hours on your social platforms.

You also get a user-friendly dashboard that shows you what’s going on with all your accounts in one easy-to-navigate platform. Use HootSuite to manage your campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. You also get the option of engaging with your accounts through the SaaS dashboard as well.

There’s a free version of the software available, but you’ll only have access to three social profiles.


Wistia Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

Digital marketing strategies are starting to include more video content as we move into 2020. Wistia is the ideal SaaS to assist you with all of your video marketing campaigns.

The program provides you with user data on who’s watching your videos. You also get information on what actions the users take when watching your videos as well. With more data on your side, you can optimize your video marketing campaigns to achieve the results you want.

With Wistia, you get a customizable video player that’s suitable for resolutions of up to 4K, along with a heat map and viewing trends breakdown to help you optimize your video content. You can also drop CTAs and opt-ins for your email list in your videos, as well as collaborate with team members within the SaaS.
Wistia also comes with options for SEO on your video campaigns to improve your results. It’s also a simple process for embedding the video onto the platform.


Optimizely Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

Any digital marketer knows about the importance of using A/B split testing in their campaigns. With Optimizely, you get a SaaS tool that helps you with increasing your conversions on specific landing pages across your website and all devices. The software analyses and tests the performance of campaign features, from copy to CTAs, and much more.

This SaaS platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You get A/B testing, as well as multi-page testing functionality and multi-variate testing. There’s support for both desktop and mobile applications, and you get access to a statistics engine that delivers you analytics that can help improve your decision making.

Optimizely shows you where you’re making mistakes in your strategy that could potentially cost your leads and conversions. As a digital marketer, it’s an essential SaaS to add to your toolbox.


Buzzsumo Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

As we move deeper into the age of social media, marketers are spending more time and money on social campaigns. Social is where the market is moving, and savvy marketers need to keep up with this trend if they want their campaigns to stay relevant.

Buzzsumo is your one-stop SaaS for your social marketing campaigns. You can search for trending topics for your content creation by the platform. Buzzsumo identifies the top influencers in your niche, providing you with outreach tools to contact these influencers for your campaigns.

With Buzzsumo, you get insights into the author of the content, as well as the domain pushing it. Search for engagement on the content topics you’re researching, and view shares across all platforms for trending content topics.
Buzzsumo helps you with creating the best content that has the highest chance of going viral.


Qualaroo Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

If you’re looking for the best on-page survey SaaS tool, then Qualaroo is your top option. With this app, you get the chance to create visually-pleasing forms that target web surveys by the number of visits, time-on-page, a referring search term, or internal user data. There are also customizable options for your campaigns, such as viewing the number of items in a shopping cart.

The “Skip Logic” feature in Qualaroo allows you to deliver unique follow-up questions, based on the previous answer to other questions in the survey. As a result, you get a SaaS that digs into the mind of your target audience, following up on what they think is important.


Hubspot Website - Best SaaS Tools for Digital Marketers

For those internet marketers looking for a comprehensive SaaS tool that does nearly everything you need, Hubspot is your best bet. This all-in-one automation software for your marketing campaigns has plenty of functionality.
With Hubspot, you get modules for optimizing your blog, SEO strategy, Analytics, landing pages, and email marketing strategy. Marketers will also find the A/B testing functionality useful, and there’s a CRM available if you want to manage your customer acquisition and customer service strategy as well. If you need it, Hubspot also offers you a website builder in the program as well.

Let Us Know Which SaaS Tools You Use

While I put together a list of SaaS tools we think can benefit every digital marketer, there’s so many that I left out from this review. Which tools are you using in your campaigns? Please drop a comment and let me know about your favorites!

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