Email Marketing Strategies You Need To Know In 2021

Email marketing is beneficial if you are aiming to have a wider reach. With this, you need to have a well-defined email marketing strategy for you to stay ahead of your competitors. To give you an idea on how you can set up a great email marketing strategy, I compiled some points that you need to remember.
Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies you can use to succeed in the field of marketing. It is a strategy where email is being maximized to reach target audiences. Well, it is beneficial if you are aiming to have a wider reach, but for you to stay ahead of your competitors, you must have well-defined marketing strategies.

To give you an idea of what you need to consider to win in marketing, I compiled some email marketing strategies you need to remember when you are planning to set up an email marketing campaign.

1. Define The Goal Of Your Email Marketing Strategies

You should first define your goals and objectives in setting up your digital marketing strategies. Without a clear definition of what purpose it will serve in achieving your goals, these strategies would be useless. This also includes your email marketing plan in the future.

The goals of your email marketing strategies should be aligned with the objectives of your agency as a whole. Those objectives would serve as a guide for you in formulating your goals.

2. Create Email Marketing Lists

Since you have already identified your goals and objectives, it is time for you to conduct client segmentation. Client segmentation refers to the process of grouping your clients based on their preferences, income, and other essential things to consider.

I can say that proper listing of your clients would help you to know their needs instantly. I applied it to my agency and the results are unbelievable.

You can do it in two effective ways. First, through importing the list of known contacts. Secondly, creating a new list of clients you can include in your cold outreach.

Importing the List of Existing Clients

If you already have existing clients from previous services, you can just import their list. Why? Remember that there would always be clients with who you want to keep in touch and make a negotiation again in the future. Hence, importing their names into your email marketing lists would ensure that both of you would stay connected.

Creating a New List of Clients

You can also create another set of clients for your email marketing. If ever that you do not have any available name yet, then you need to effectively get them one by one. There are effective ways to do that. You can research manually, hire freelancers or data scrapers, or you can use software or tools.

We cannot deny the fact that the more email lists that we have, the more chances we of closing clients.

3. Select the Type of Email Campaigns

Marketing is broad. It has a wide variety of areas that when your campaign is not properly identified, your campaign will be useless. As a result, it is vital to choose which email campaign that you are going to use to attract clients. Here are the four major email campaign present in different digital marketing agency nowadays:


Email Marketing Newsletter

It is a kind of email campaign about one topic of interest that is distributed to clients regularly. It is sent to existing clients to ensure that they would notice what you are offering to them constantly and continuously nurture them.

Marketing Offer

When you are offering a new product or promo in the market, this email campaign is appropriate to use. Since your main goal to increase sales by ensuring that clients would see what new product or promo you can offer to the table, a marketing offer would make it happen for you. It may include a new combination of promo, discount offers, and other valuable things that would attract your clients.


If introducing a new product, service, and feature is your intention, then email announcements are best for you. Using this would enable your clients what you have to offer to them as a result of innovation. This is perfect to ensure the engagement between you and your clients. This email campaign would make your new product, feature, and service available to them, they just have to give it a try.

Event Invitation

Meanwhile, an event invitation would ensure that your client is up to date with any event or gathering that you are going to conduct in the future. This would let them know when and where you are going to execute it. In other words, this would serve as an invitation for them to attend your event and be familiar with your agency.

As you can see, we need to identify which email campaign are we going to use for the operation. Improper selection would just waste your time, money, and the effort of your team. Also, it would lead to unproductive results since you failed to select the appropriate one for your campaign. Thus, think properly before your choose. And before you choose consider your goals and objectives above.

4. Plan and Set up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Since you have already know your goals, have your email list, and identified the type of email campaign, it is time for you to start creating it. But before you start here are the guide to email marketing that you need to consider too:


When making your first email marketing campaign, ensure that it is easy to read and understand by your clients. Remember that some of the readers have a short span of attention so you should consider it. You do not want to ignore your work right just because it is long and the words are very complicated. You can make it concise without compromising the real message. Also, you do not have to use words that are difficult to understand. What if your target audiences belong to a non-English speaking country? You need to make sure your emails are understandable.


Incorporating images and other graphics would make your email marketing campaign more engaging and attractive. But, only use it when it is needed and use only the relevant photos. Make sure that you set the bar of your campaign high when it comes to visuals.


Email Marketing Strategies

A distinction also matters in email marketing. When you personalized your work, clients may appreciate even better. When you do not just imitate the work of other campaign and make you own style, you can make a name in this field. The more it is new to the audience, the more they would get attracted to it and your agency would benefit from it. Remember, another key to a successful email marketing campaign is the customization of your work.


You can not just make an email marketing campaign whenever you want. You should think about if it is relevant to the audience or not before sending them a copy. Once the campaign has relevance to them, they would probably look into it.

For sure you will agree that people have no intention to interfere with other things if it has nothing to do with them. What I am trying to say here is that your clients would have any involvement with you when your campaign is relevant to them. Remember that relevance is a must!

Perfect Timing

In addition to the things that you should consider is that the perfect timing of everything works well. It is also applicable in email marketing. You cannot just send campaigns whenever you want. I know that you want to accomplish your goal. But, doing this may also make the client irritated with the numerous campaigns from your agency. Instead of doing this, you can schedule when you are going to send your email marketing campaign for every client. Also, you can just send them the campaign which you think is relevant to them.

Value over Promotion

Everyone is entitled to changes and I am living proof of that. I learned that I should balance the mixture of my campaign. It should contain the attributes of promotion as well as value.

When you give more emphasis on the value over the promotion, your clients would conclude that everything is not just for the promotion. They will probably turn themselves back to you and appreciate your service even more.

5. Provide Great Content

The world of marketing is all about expectations from the clients, it is up to you if how are going to make that happen. By providing high-quality and better content for your clients, they would be satisfied. You should also make sure that follow-up would be done consistently. You can consider what I have mentioned above about the content. It would make your email marketing campaign more effective for the clients. You just have to make sure that there is a regular flow of campaigns so they would be updated on what is happening to your company.

Great content would result in a great outcome, this is one of the things you need to consider when thinking about your email marketing strategies.

6. Check and Improve Your Email Open Rates

Despite the efforts, you and your team have exerted just to satisfy your clients, but when they do not open the email, it will be useless. That’s why a part of your email marketing strategies must be to check and enhance your email open rates. You can do it by:

  • Avoiding spam filters.
  • Removal of inactive subscribers to keep your list fresh.
  • Focus on your subject line.
  • Knowing your client’s persona.
  • Write on a personal level.
  • Incorporation of humor.
  • Mobile device optimization.

Let’s say you are done sending your email marketing campaign to your client lists but after that, you do nothing at all. Then, how are you going to track the progress of your campaign?

That is why it is important to monitor the result of your campaign to identify which area you need to improve and which area satisfied your clients. This would allow you to improve your strategy and at the same time, it would give you the statistic on how your clients interact with your email marketing campaign.

7. Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns Using Autoresponders

Having automated responders would benefit save time and effort for your agency. It would also make the clients satisfied with how fast your agency responds to the specific needs of the clients. Autoresponders are triggered by specific events that send emails to a client. It would also benefit you by nurturing your available leads as well as they can convert the potential clients into loyal clients in the future.

Email marketing has a lot of benefits for your company, right from communication, resources, convenience, and other advantages it can offer. There is no doubt that a lot of digital marketing agencies are prioritizing it and my agency, Inquivix is one of them.

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