Jasper AI Review: Is This AI-Powered Writing Assistant Better than a Writer? 

Writing has grown to become one of the most powerful ways to succeed in various fields. Copywriting is a skill that everyone, from marketers to bloggers, can and must master, especially if they want to produce high-quality content that reaches their target audience. 

Here’s where a writing assistant built on cutting-edge technology, like Jasper AI aims to help achieve these goals for success faster. The tool comes with a variety of features that can support any content-driven effort. This blog explores how Jasper AI tackles different writing needs and can be better than a human writer! Read on to find out more about Jasper AI and its wonderful features to improve your writing process.

Jasper AI Review 2022

Jasper AI Review: Is This AI-Powered Writing Assistant Better than a Writer? 


Jasper AI is a tool powered by artificial intelligence with the astonishing capability of producing short and long-form content within seconds. Integrated with multiple tools, boasting 50+ templates and supporting 25+ languages, this is one of the best AI copywriting tools in the industry.

What Is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI - Best AI Content Writing Tool | Joon K Lee

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is a copywriting tool powered by artificial intelligence. Previously known as “Jarvis AI” and “Conversion AI”, the Jasper AI software had to change its name because Jasper was the name of Tony Stark’s AI assistant in the Marvel movie Iron Man. This AI-powered software is a powerful writing assistant for all different types of writers, helping them create original and improved content. From writing blog post topic ideas to social media posts, improving website copy, and more, Jasper’s copywriting capabilities are immense. This content creation is based on the real-time analysis of popular content with good conversion rates spread across search engines. 

Together with artificial intelligence and software altered to resemble the capabilities of human writers, Jasper’s multitude of features aims to serve users across industries, from digital marketing to education, and more, to improve their conversions with their writing. You can access the resources of the Jasper AI BootCamp even before you sign up, so you can learn how to use the software properly.

How Does Jasper Work?

This AI copywriting tool uses GPT-3 OpenAI, application programming interface (API) technology. In layman’s terms, this is a deep learning algorithm that has been trained to collect, use, and understand millions of data. Jasper uses this learning and can replicate the human writing style it has encountered from all the data it has analyzed.

What this does mean is that although Jasper can create content that looks “human-written,” at least 10% of its information comes from existing content reorganized. AI is something that has to be taught, and this can cause a lot of discrepancies in the reliability of the data produced. 

The important thing to note is that it is a writing tool for “assistance” rather than complete content creation, but it can definitely improve manual processes much better than humans. Let’s check out its features to understand how it works better. 

How to Use the Projects in the Jasper AI Writing Assistant

Jasper allows you to create project folders for each respective project. For example, I run many businesses and use Jasper AI to write blog articles and create content for social media posts for my Muay Thai brand called Ushup while I use it generate copies for ads for my digital marketing agency, Inquivix. 

Using Jasper AI has made it easier for me to manage my companies and their relevant content writing needs organized in unlimited project folders without having to mix all the too.

The Main Features of Jasper AI

The quality of the results of Jasper AI’s features improves according to the plan you choose. However, the features below are available for all its modes, albeit a little holding back on quality and customized content prompts.

Original Content Generated Based on Real-Time Analysis

Jasper is trained to produce content in more than a trillion ways and patterns, which ensures that it can create original content every single time. It analyzes data deployed across high-converting sources in real-time to produce fresh and tailored content for different audiences. Jasper AI assists in writing short-form content in starter mode and long-form content in its higher plan. 

Smooth and Easy-To-Use Interface

Though Jasper AI works on such intricate technology, the interface is extremely easy to use and navigate around. Using its tools is a simple process once you’ve created your account, choosing either the Jasper AI starter mode or boss mode. Any writing assistance you need after that is an easy 4-step process. 

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Smooth and Easy-To-Use Interface | Joon K Lee

For example, to use ‘templates’ the process would look like this:

  1. Click “Templates” on the left navigation bar
  2. Choose your desired template
  3. Fill in the input fields or prompts shown
  4. Press the ‘Generate AI Content’ button.

Jasper AI’s Intuitive Dashboard

Jasper’s dashboard is a clear example of how easy to navigate the entire Jasper AI app is. The top of the dashboard shows important information in the Jasper AI community with the best features that are being tested and call out to users for Jasper AI work for the tool’s Chrome extension’s beta testing. You can start your favorite templates at the top and also join the Jasper AI Facebook group. The Facebook group is an influential community with at least 40,000 experts from Google, Canva, AirBnB, and other prominent content-driven companies. 

The Jasper AI affiliate program is as simple as copying and sharing your referral link available on the dashboard, and both you and the referral link user can receive a 10,000 credit limit in return for each sign-up. Quite naturally, having a human writer can also share skills, but the efficiency of this AI copywriting tool is unbeatable by its human counterparts, making this Jasper AI review more favorable towards the protagonist, Jasper AI. 

At first glance, the Jasper AI looks promising and more flexible than any human counterpart it could have.

Jasper AI Review: Is This AI-Powered Writing Assistant Better than a Writer?  1

50+ Templates for AI Writing

Jasper AI has 50+ templates to help you write faster and better | Joon K Lee

This is the core feature of Jasper AI, and templates are available for a multitude of categories, from websites, eCommerce, frameworks, emails, ads, social media, blog posts, and much more. Each category has more templates for varying requirements. 

Below, you can have a closer look at a few different templates under each of the categories we have chosen from the many available.

Content Improver

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Content Improver Template | Joon K Lee

You can easily improve your existing content by pasting the paragraph that you want to be improved. The content improver is available for every type of copy, from your email to social media posts, Google ads, and whatnot. The tool will evaluate related conceptual topics and structure new sentences and data without simply replacing words from blog posts and other sources.

This template requires you to input a paragraph, choose a tone of voice, and how many variations you’d like to see. One click, and bam! You have content that is more engaging and concise!

Product Description

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Product Description | Joon K Lee

This template helps you create compelling product descriptions appropriate to your target audience. It shows results in paragraphs but with varying styles. This is available for product descriptions on various platforms, from Amazing product listings to Google My Business product descriptions and more.

Blog Post Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Blog Post Outline | Joon K Lee

Jasper is the best AI copywriting tool that has the capability to write blog articles from introduction to conclusion. The starter mode also has great templates for creating the outlines of “how-to” and list blog posts, along with templates for topic ideas, blog post intro paragraph templates, and conclusion paragraph templates.

There is also a template to generate blog posts optimized for search engines with the SEO template for blog post metadata.  You can set the tone and get completely informative and educational blog articles or casual introductions, and also set your call-to-action with these templates. 

There are templates to help create blog posts like the “Blog Post Outline” template. This specific template is great for creating the outlines of “how-to” and list articles. There are many other templates for blogs from blog post intro paragraph templates to conclusion paragraph templates. Jasper AI Boss Mode allows a long-form assistant which can be used to create the entire content in one go too.

Marketing Framework Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - AIDA Framework | Joon K Lee

Jasper AI has four different types of framework templates, starting with the very first marketing template, which is AIDA, to the PAS framework template, which helps develop new marketing ideas using the problem-agitate-solution method; the Before-After-Bridge framework; and the Feature to Benefit framework to make product specifications look beneficial enough to incite action.

The AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework is a copywriting product for marketing. They are resources like the copy for landing pages or product value propositions, developed to help users experience the feelings mentioned in the framework. This is a real win-win because gone are the days when users spent thousands on these resources from marketers!  

Ad Copy Headline and Description

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Ad Copy Headline and Description | Joon K Lee

The ad copy templates for Facebook Ad and Google Ads are a huge advantage for any company running ads. Having a good Ad Copy can make all the difference in whether or not your ad is successful.

You just have to enter the company/product name, product description, and tone of voice for Jasper AI to create several outputs for you. All you have to do is select the one that suits you the best, make minor adjustments to make it better, and you’ll have your ad copy done within minutes.

Email Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Personalized Cold Emails | Joon K Lee

Persuasion and personalization are important for email marketing, and Jasper AI has templates curated specifically to put together convincing bullet points or write custom cold email copies and attractive email subject lines. 

Company Website Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Company Bio and Description | Joon K Lee

There are many templates to ensure your website generates conversions using well-crafted headlines and subheadings for website landing pages, attractive company bio descriptions, and unique value propositions.

Ecommerce Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Amazon Product Features | Joon K Lee

Convincing people to buy a product, especially on the Internet, can be very difficult. AI writing tools like Jasper AI have learned how to use compelling language like people from humans itself to beat them at their own game! There are also templates available for SEO-optimized product pages, and product descriptions in both paragraph and bullet form too! 

Social Media Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Instagram Photo Post Captions | Joon K Lee

Jasper AI can generate AI content for TikTok video captions, Instagram photo post captions, personal bios, creative stories, Pinterest posts, Quora answers, interesting questions, and many more social media elements to get people intrigued enough to engage with your social platforms. 

Youtube and TikTok Content Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Youtube Topic Ideas | Joon K Lee

Enhance your YouTube videos with Jasper AI’s quick and effective video titles, topic ideas, script outlines, script hook, and introduction and description templates apart from the TikTok captions! 

SEO Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - SEO Blog Post Titles and Meta Descriptions | Joon K Lee

You can get SEO-optimized blog posts, homepages, product and service page meta titles, and meta-description templates with the Jasper AI software. All this is without taking into consideration the long-form blog posts that can be written via SEO mode! 

New Templates

Jasper AI Content Writing Tools - New Templates | Joon K Lee

“Explain it to a child” simplifies content to make it more comprehensible, while the ‘text summarizer’ pulls the most important information from a large piece of text, the ‘business or product name’ template curates business and product names that have the potential to create award-winning and unique brands, and more new templates keep enhancing Jasper AI and its extensive library of templates. 

Jasper AI is the clear winner in comparison to a human writer in this aspect, of the Jasper AI review with over 50+ templates and given the tool’s capabilities in writing content for various purposes in different styles in a matter of seconds, which humans can’t imagine doing.

25+ Languages 

Jasper AI can read and provide content in over 25 languages apart from the English language. This includes Bulgarian, Danish, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Swedish, Dutch, and much more.

While the AI-generated content may require some review and refining, not many people can attempt to work with 20+ languages, so the winner stands loud and clear on this front of our human writer vs. Jasper AI review too!

Additional Features in Jasper Boss Mode

Jasper AI Review: Is This AI-Powered Writing Assistant Better than a Writer?  2

For the most part, the Jasper AI starter mode delivers the features above and more with the promise of “high quality” copywriting. The features below are only available in Boss Mode and come with a promise of great quality and an even better user experience! 

Jasper AI Editor

This is Jasper’s editor, also called “documents,” and is similar to prominent tools like Google Docs. It allows the editing of long-form content with a little input from you. You can edit headings and titles, add keywords, choose editor writing modes from “SEO, focus, or power” and do so much more with this tool. 

The SEO mode has to be my favorite because I crave to create content that helps my site rank better. The more you add in, the more Jasper AI fills in the rest of the content for you, filling up your blank page with relevant information! The wide, distraction-free interface of the editor is a huge plus, and the SEO mode is the most impressive of the three modes available. 

I have to admit the tool sometimes disappoints with a few off-the-beat content that does not make sense, but a little proofreading can go a long way, and it saves more time than you would spend on writing content from scratch.

Jasper AI Recipes

In the battle to write deliciously creative stories, Jasper AI’s “recipes” feature is one of the clear winners that can be used to create entire blog posts. Unlike filling in data prompts for templates like the paragraph generator or blog post outline templates, which we’ll explore later, recipes use a series of pre-built functionalities, or rather Jasper AI commands, that inform the AI writing tool of what it should create.

How Do Recipes Work?

You start by filling in the section allocated for the blog title, and you can then include an optional description, after which you will instruct the copywriting tool by typing in commands according to the example below or the video attached by the Jasper AI support for the sample topic “Blog Post”. Recipes use a combination of commands and variables, and you can find common syntax in the section displayed below the description once you click on a “new recipe”. 

A copy of the sample “Blog Post” is displayed in the image below and will be referenced to explain the process.

Jasper AI Content Writing Tool - Recipes | Joon K Lee

Once you enter your topic into the curly brackets, which signifies a variable, and click compose, your brief will be created. This should be copied onto the section for the content brief allocated on the left, and then repeat the process to produce blog post topic ideas, the outline, and so on. 

Ideally, this would go forward like this: 

  • write a brief for {The Different Types of Website Designs}
  • write blog title ideas
  • write an introduction
  • write a blog outline
  • write about {Responsive Web Design}
  • write about {Dynamic Web Design}
  • write about {Adapative Web Design}
  • write a blog conclusion on {Responsive Web Design}, {Dynamic Web Design}, {Adapative Web Design} 

The responses run out in steps, and I have assumed the brief and blog post outline will produce the three design types mentioned for the sake of the example, which you can manually add into the commands once the outline is produced. The AI tool’s recipe feature will write blog posts completely for you with just the help of a title and a description if you want to add one in. All you need to do is guide the tool with your commands and watch Jasper write creative copy without any more help from you. 

Jasper AI has many recipe templates that you can use by simply clicking “run” to open it in a new document and create your blog post in little to no time! The only drawback is that the tool can be difficult to get the hang of, even with the Jasper AI Bootcamp videos for support. 

Surfer SEO Integration

If you have invested in Surfer SEO, one of the best SEO optimization tools out there, you can integrate the application into the document editor provided within the Jarvis AI interface itself! The editor is also a feature of Boss Mode, and together these tools ensure your content is optimized for SEO and written to enhance conversion rates

Grammarly Integration

The editor also comes with Grammarly integration. You don’t need a Grammarly account. You can edit your content in real-time for grammar, punctuation, and any issues with clarity, engagement, and more for free. This provides foul-proof content with great readability! 

Jasper Commands 

This is an amazing feature where you can simply command the software by voice with exactly what to do. For example, assume this is your voice command, “Jasper, create Facebook primary ad text for old sports shoes in South Carolina.” Within a few seconds, it will whip out exactly that, as long as the voice settings are enabled on your device. Jasper commands can be used across all lengthy content from documents to recipes and create content from scratch with very little user-generated input.

And More!

Many other features make writing with Jasper AI a wonderful experience. Jasper Recipes allow you to give a few instructions or a set workflow with keywords and hints, and Jasper will create an article or post from that. 

The Pros and Cons of Jasper AI

Jasper AI Review: Is This AI-Powered Writing Assistant Better than a Writer?  3

We have to agree – the copywriting capabilities of Jasper AI are extensive and no other AI copywriting tools come with as many features. It easily beats the human writer’s writer’s block phase, can support over 25 languages and can write blog posts from long-form content to diverse copies in a matter of seconds.  However, along with its positives, it has negatives too. 

We’ve explained the pros and cons of using Jasper instead of a human writer below. However, it is crucial to note that Jasper is still in the stage where a human must review and refine its content regardless of the template or plan, and although the Jasper AI offer might seem like a content writer or editor can sit back and relax as the AI tool starts its work, that is not the case.


  • Includes +50 diverse content templates
  • Original content generation for +25 different languages
  • Integrations with multiple tools (SurferSEO, Grammarly, and CopyScape)
  • Content generated in seconds
  • Affordable for large teams


  • Learning curve to optimize the software
  • Can produce irrelevant content, which requires fact-checking
  • Expensive for small teams

Jasper AI: Pricing and Plans

Jasper AI, AI Content Writing SaaS, Pricing Plans | Joon K Lee

Jasper AI comes with flexible plans and pricing. You can set the number of words per month you need and the price will adjust accordingly. The pricing is generally extremely affordable for large organizations but may seem expensive for smaller or individual businesses; however, considering the quality, quantity, and speed of content that you can put out with Jasper AI, these prices are more than fair.

The Jasper AI subscription comes with three plans with various features, along with a special 5-day free trial. The pricing is generally extremely affordable for large organizations and expensive for smaller or individual businesses. Each plan comes with a 5-day money-back guarantee, and no Jasper AI review has ever mentioned that they’ve not got their investment back, so there’s no risk in trying!

Jasper AI provides a no-risk 5-day money-back guarantee, so try it out today!

Starter Plan

At the time of writing, the Jasper AI cost of the Starter Mode begins at $29 per month for up to five users with basic chat support, 50+ templates, and a 20,000-word generation limit for short-form content. It also has unlimited projects along with chat support. 

Every additional team member will raise the price by $25 per month. The starter plan is ideal for writers and hobbyists just starting with content and general everyday writing.  

Boss Mode Plan

Jasper Boss Mode starts at $59 for five users and includes priority chat support, a content editor, command features, and multiple integrations. Jasper AI works diligently to create long-form content and has a 50,000-word generation limit and goes up to an unlimited word credit limit for higher price points, along with other splendid features. 

The boss mode is ideal for bloggers, content marketers, or anybody that works with large amounts of content creation.

Custom Plans for Businesses and Enterprises

If you are a larger organization or enterprise, Jasper AI provides custom plans to match your organization’s needs. You will also have access to a dedicated account manager just for your business as well as onboarding and training sessions by the Jasper AI team. You have the flexibility to manage limits per team member and allocate resources accordingly.

The business plan is more versatile with a custom plan and pricing. Companies can choose the best boss mode along with customized options like the number of users, a dedicated account manager, premium Jasper team support, flexible billing options, and more. As the name suggests, the tool is ideal for teams and businesses.

Conclusion: Is Jasper a Better Writing Assistant Than a Writer?

Jasper AI Review: Is This AI-Powered Writing Assistant Better than a Writer?  4

Jasper AI is undeniably one of the most well-funded copywriting tools, with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Its features are extensive, but Jasper’s AI can sometimes be so faulty and generate poor content. Users must constantly fact-check and refine the content. While Jasper AI definitely helps save time and improve the work of writers, our Jasper AI review concludes that it cannot completely replace writers. 

Still, Jasper AI shines bright with its language support, speed to generate AI content, extensive templates that create great social media posts, website landing pages, ad copies, and so much more. It also supports long-form content creation on its higher plans with ‘compose and command’ features and many more options. Jasper’s inconsistency in providing relevant results at all times and its learning curve for a few long-form content tools make it a tad bit more difficult to use. 

I sign my Jasper AI review off by saying, a good balance of both Jasper AI and content-writers is perfect to beat the odds of time, effort, and errors!

Is Jasper AI worth it?

The answer is relative to everyone’s business, but I can confidently say that Jasper AI is 100% worth it. Jasper AI makes it easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes depending on their needs by allowing you to customize your subscription plan based on word count per month. You can try out Jasper AI to see if you like it because they provide a no-risk 5-day money-back guarantee.

Which Jasper AI plan do I need?

There are 3 main plans for Jasper AI, but each of these plans are customizable based on the number of words needed per month. There is the Starter Plan, Boss Mode Plan, and Business Plan (custom plan for large businesses and enterprises). The Starter Plan starts at $29 per month and includes 50+ AI templates, support for 20+ languages, up to 5 users, and chat support.

What Should I Put for Tone of Voice?

Jasper AI provides an option to add in a “Tone of Voice”. This is a great feature that helps tweak the AI generated content to match the style you are looking for depending on what type of content you are generating. So, the Tone of Voice will depend on the purpose of your content. Some examples include witty, angry, professional, excited, funny, and even characters like Tony Stark and Oprah Winfrey.

Should I Proofread Jasper’s AI Content?

Yes. Even with the incredible power of GPT-3 AI, you need to manually review AI-generated content. I highly suggest using AI to help you get started on writing or to get you out of writer’s block, but you must rewrite and edit the content yourself.

Are Templates and Recipes in Jasper Different?

Templates and recipes are different, and you can find them on the left of your dashboard. Templates are pre-made templates by Jasper AI that serve a specific purpose for the content you are generating. Recipes are customizable actions that you can set yourself for your own purpose. You can access recipes only in Boss Mode.

How Do I Change Languages in Jasper AI?

Simply head to workspace settings and choose your desired input and output languages.

How Are Word Credits Calculated?

One credit is equal to one word.

What If I Don’t Like Something Jasper AI Wrote?

You can upvote or downvote the generated content and Jasper AI will refund your credits.

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